Thursday, May 14, 2015




I still consider you my baby, yet you are very much a little boy.  Your chubby cheeks remain, one of your last remnants of toddlerhood.  That and diapers.  You will sit on the potty now, but seldom produce anything.  Also you still want a sippy cup.  You will drink out of juice boxes with the thin straw, but you won’t drink out of a thicker straw.

Your favorite TV show:  Peppa Pig, Max & Ruby
Food:  watermelon, chicken nuggets, milk, juice boxes
Toys:  puzzles, color wonder coloring books, Fisher Price Jungle Safari  (oddly , you are not interested in cars)
Activities:  Gymnastics, swimming (this is new!), playgrounds, IPad, counting the owls on a poster in Victoria’s school, picking up Victoria from school
Places:  playgrounds, Victoria’s school, swimming
People:  mom, Victoria, daddy, Grandma nancy, Miss Debbie
Book:  No Biting by Karen Katz

You give the best BEST hugs and kisses
You’re still excited when I pick you up every day, running and hugging me
You like to mimic us when we are disciplining Victoria (you go to your room!  Stop it!)
You are sleeping in your big boy bed!!!
Your hair is so blonde and the ends are starting to curl and be all crazy.  You still have never had a haircut.
You like to laugh and turn somersaults and be silly.
When we drive by a school or playground you get so excited – “Mama, mama, a playground!”
You call the swim lessons place – “Aqua Tots SQUIM school”.  When you are finished swimming, “Mama, I went swimming!”.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Night Leftovers - May Day Edition

* I blogged once in April.  Good job JEN.
* P was gone on a guy vacation this week.  It was tough week - makeup swim lessons on Monday night, Tuesday - shopping an dishes, Wednesday - MD apts, Thursday - dance pics.  Just too much.  I'm exhausted.  Completed. 
*There are 6 loads of laundry to put away and probably another 7 to do.  I am trying to hire someone to do my laundry.  How do you find someone trustworthy to come into your home?  It's more difficult then what you may think. 
* Benny still is not interested in using the potty or giving up his sippy cup at home.  He's going to be 3 soon, let's get with it kid.
* I'm just tired.  Plain worn out from home & work.  I need a mommy break.
* Still watching my food intake and recording with MyFitnessPal.  I'm hungry. 
* Been getting in 11-13,000 steps daily.  Proud of that.

Monday, April 20, 2015


We were playing down the street and a four year old little boy was saying he wanted a dog.  

Boy:  I want to get a dog. 
Benny: I like hot dogs!!  I want a hot dog!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Victoria is doing Raz kids ( a great reading program) on the IPad. Benny is boycotting a nap.  Both a squeezed into my lap.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Night Leftovers

Today is the first day of SPRING!  It is gray and 41 F right now.  It is supposed to reach 54 F, but not until this evening.  Monday is only going to be 39 F.   I guess I can wash the snow pants and boots and but them away, right?

I have been working my way through L.A. Law.  What a great show!  I watched it more than (gulp) 20 years ago.  It's very 1980's, complete with big hair, shoulder pads, and ringing phones.  Harry Hamlin was hoottt! 

I don't know if I've written about it, but V still is waking us up early and telling us she is afraid of the dark.  Despite nightlights and the fact that we are mere feet away.  I can't take anymore of it.  We've tried bribery, threats, talks, etc.  Nothing is working.  We even told her she could see the new Cinderella movie if she stayed in bed.  No, not working.  We won't let her get in our bed, but it still is not working.  Benny is also up sometimes and now is free to roam around.  At least if we put up the baby gate at the top of stairs, keep it dark, he will get the message and put himself back to bed. 

My family is driving me crazy.  So much drama.  You think living a four hour drive away would help them to leave me out of it!  I have so much to deal with here right now.  I'm crazy busy, but that doesn't stop them.

P made me a gluten free fish fry about three weeks ago.  I can't stop thinking about it; it was amazing.  Food in general I think about all day long. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


A post about me.  Today is a big day for me.  I have now lost 80 lbs since 1999.  I am not brave enough to post a before picture. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lost tooth

Guess who lost her 1st tooth!  Did you know the going rate for the tooth fairy is $4?  She received $5 in an envelope with a note I wrote in flowery handwriting.  It was so exciting for her!  Last week we went to the dentist and he took a panoramic x-Ray which showed Victoria inherited her dad's teeth!  No genetic mutation teeth.  Thrilled about this!