Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Coworker

We had a massive storm here which resulted in the daycare being closed due to a power outage.  I had a massive deadline, so I had no choice to work from home in the morning.  This guy was a complete angel.  He watched Peppa Pig on the Ipad, had a snack and played with Play-Doh.  He did seem pretty relieved when daycare opened in the afternoon and I was able to drop him off.  But I enjoyed him so much.

Monday, June 1, 2015


It's no secret I really wanted to take dance when I was a child.  I wasn't particularly athletic and I think I could have actually participated, instead of warming the bench in most sports I played.  We had one small (expensive) dance studio which my parents considered for the elite (they definitely suffered from an inferiority complex) and really didn't have the money.  I hoped victoria would like dance, and so far she seems to.  (By the way-  it is the cheaper eat activity we do, by far).  I get the shoes secondhand and we go to a non flashy dance studio.  

Last year she took ballet and jazz.  This year is tap and jazz.  She had a dress rehearsal yesterday.  The theme is Disney so it is pretty cute.  

So am I upset with my parents?  Yes.  They let their insecurities get in the way of something their child wanted to do.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday night leftovers

Things are so busy here.  We are booked solid (several activities a weekend) until 2nd week in July and then the rest of July.

Do you have a FitBit?  Want to be friends?  My all time high for a day is 18,500ish.  This time of year I'm over 11,000 a day.  I like it and find it motivating.

I planted a garden over Labor Day weekend.  A small one.  Three kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of cucumber and peppers.  I tried to pick things that wouldn't be eaten since I have no fence.  

When I was a kid we had a huge garden. Tomatoes, sweet snap peas, a few squash and potatoes, and a ton of beans.  We also had a transparent Apple tree.  I really miss that tree.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bike rider

V has never cared for riding her bike.  When I was a kid you couldn't get us off bikes.  Last fall she tipped over while turning a corner and we just couldn't get her back on it.  

My sister came at Christmas and it was warm enough to ride.  She got her riding again.   She has been riding while we walk and it's very nice.  We were becoming a bit embarrassed by her training wheels when much smaller kids were riding.

P took off her pedals and made her got around the neighborhood by foot power. She kept falling.  He kept at it and after three days, success!  She only rides 1/2 block before she has this dramatic "fall", but  very impressed.   We need to get a bike for Benny too and take off the pedals.

Thursday, May 14, 2015




I still consider you my baby, yet you are very much a little boy.  Your chubby cheeks remain, one of your last remnants of toddlerhood.  That and diapers.  You will sit on the potty now, but seldom produce anything.  Also you still want a sippy cup.  You will drink out of juice boxes with the thin straw, but you won’t drink out of a thicker straw.

Your favorite TV show:  Peppa Pig, Max & Ruby
Food:  watermelon, chicken nuggets, milk, juice boxes
Toys:  puzzles, color wonder coloring books, Fisher Price Jungle Safari  (oddly , you are not interested in cars)
Activities:  Gymnastics, swimming (this is new!), playgrounds, IPad, counting the owls on a poster in Victoria’s school, picking up Victoria from school
Places:  playgrounds, Victoria’s school, swimming
People:  mom, Victoria, daddy, Grandma nancy, Miss Debbie
Book:  No Biting by Karen Katz

You give the best BEST hugs and kisses
You’re still excited when I pick you up every day, running and hugging me
You like to mimic us when we are disciplining Victoria (you go to your room!  Stop it!)
You are sleeping in your big boy bed!!!
Your hair is so blonde and the ends are starting to curl and be all crazy.  You still have never had a haircut.
You like to laugh and turn somersaults and be silly.
When we drive by a school or playground you get so excited – “Mama, mama, a playground!”
You call the swim lessons place – “Aqua Tots SQUIM school”.  When you are finished swimming, “Mama, I went swimming!”.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Night Leftovers - May Day Edition

* I blogged once in April.  Good job JEN.
* P was gone on a guy vacation this week.  It was tough week - makeup swim lessons on Monday night, Tuesday - shopping an dishes, Wednesday - MD apts, Thursday - dance pics.  Just too much.  I'm exhausted.  Completed. 
*There are 6 loads of laundry to put away and probably another 7 to do.  I am trying to hire someone to do my laundry.  How do you find someone trustworthy to come into your home?  It's more difficult then what you may think. 
* Benny still is not interested in using the potty or giving up his sippy cup at home.  He's going to be 3 soon, let's get with it kid.
* I'm just tired.  Plain worn out from home & work.  I need a mommy break.
* Still watching my food intake and recording with MyFitnessPal.  I'm hungry. 
* Been getting in 11-13,000 steps daily.  Proud of that.

Monday, April 20, 2015


We were playing down the street and a four year old little boy was saying he wanted a dog.  

Boy:  I want to get a dog. 
Benny: I like hot dogs!!  I want a hot dog!